£141m sportsman who supports Manchester United suggests he wants to buy Chelsea on Twitter

Chelsea are fighters.

From the players, to the manager, to their winning mentality, the Blues have always been prepped for battle.

Antonio Rudiger, John Terry, Diego Costa, Frank Lampard; just a few of the soldiers who have and will never back down from a scrap.

Thomas Tuchel, Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti; all they ever want to do is collect silverware.

But to be owned by a fighter would be a whole different story.

Fighting talk

If Conor McGregor gets his way, Stamford Bridge might be turned into a giant boxing ring.

On Twitter yesterday, the iconic UFC brawler, whose fortune reportedly stands at £141m (Daily Star), responded to the news that Chelsea had been put up for sale by Roman Abramovich.

‘I wish to explore this,’ typed the 33-year-old, tagging the Blues in the process.

Many probably laughed off this suggestion as a simple PR stunt or simply a humorous gesture.

After all, he could probably do with some good press, considering he lost his last fight back in July.

However, McGregor has since turned heads again thanks to another social media declaration.

A few hours after his initial upload, he posted a FIFA career mode style video of him sitting at a Chelsea press conference desk.

The clip moves on to him standing and speaking to Abramovich, before cutting back to a shot of the Irishman wearing Thomas Tuchel’s tracksuit.

‘Push it to the limit!’ captioned the movie, with Chelsea once more tagged.

Could Conor really be taking over Chelsea?

Now, this might still be a big ploy to crank up a few likes and possibly add some more money to the bank.

Especially considering McGregor is apparently a massive Manchester United fan.

“I was more a player than a watcher back then, but Manchester United was my team,” he told the United website.

 We are pretty confident Conor won’t be the next owner of Chelsea, but just imagine if he was…

Tuchel’s squad will finish every training with a quick sparing session; McGregor has to fight at least one of the players each week; prizes given out to the dirtiest tackle.

It could be fun…

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