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Carragher explains John Terry's qualities people tend to forget

Premier League great Jamie Carragher has claimed Chelsea legend John Terry has not been given enough credit for his quality on the ball.

As a player, Terry has always been described as a no-nonsense defender, the nearly extinct type of old-school centre-back.

People sometimes mention his goalscoring record, an incredible 67 goals as a defender from over 700 appearances for the west London outfit.

But his former England teammate and Premier League rival Carragher thinks Terry was much more than that.

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“John Terry was basically a better version of me,” Carragher told Sky Sports.

“He was bigger, more powerful, better quality on the ball as well. He was one who when you trained with him went up a level in your eyes. You knew he was a great player.

“Technically, he’s a lot better than he’s given credit for. People always talk about John Terry being this man who put his head and his body in front of everything — and he would — and we talk about Rio Ferdinand being the player who was great on the ball.

“But we forget that Rio was a great defender and that John Terry was great on the ball.”

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Carragher explained how Terry was capable of pinging balls 60, 70 yards with his left foot whereas many best ball-playing defenders would struggle to do that.

He added: “So he was definitely one that you’d think was a top player, and you’d see that with England.”

Terry left Chelsea in 2017 after 19 years at the club, practically won everything with the Blues, including five Premier League titles.

He played one more season at Aston Villa before retiring and now become their assistant manager at Villa Park.

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