Christensen explains particular reason Tuchel often shouts at Chelsea players

Andreas Christensen said Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel puts a lot of emphasis on “having a meaning behind every pass” to the point that he often shouts at players during games.

It has arguably been one of the biggest problems in this Chelsea side this season.

Even prior to Tuchel’s arrival, Chelsea had always been comfortable with dominating the ball.

They have the third-highest average possession in the league (58.7%) this so far.

However, it is also not uncommon to see the Chelsea players’ recycling the possession, with defenders passing the ball to each other, when they could not find an opening.

This, according to Christensen, is what Tuchel is mainly shouting at the players for.


“We can certainly hear on the sidelines and watch his reactions,” the centre-back told Danish news channel TV3 Sport.

“But I think he just wants to win and it just shows in very emotinal way.

“Especially when it comes to having a meaning behind every pass.

“If he feels that we’re just passing it back and forth and not getting anywhere, you can hear him from the sideline, yelling: ‘Wait a bit. Wait for the pressure before you pass the ball.'”

Photo by PHIL NOBLE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Subconsciously improving through habits in training

Christensen has also recently praised Tuchel and his coaching staff for their clear instructions.

“[Tuchel and his coaches have been] very, very clear in what they want,” he explained in his interview for the matchday programme for the Atletico Madrid game (via Daily Star).

“If they want something different, they’re just going to let you know

“They’re not beating around the bush – they know how they want it, there’s a plan.

“Even what we do in training – the exercises and stuff – you might not feel it, but in your subconscious the message is coming through.

Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

“It’s a weird thing, but it just works.”

“Developing habits, without you even probably knowing it’s happening.

“It’s a good feeling and I don’t think we’re done yet – we’re still learning and building as a team and we all know that.”

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