Why Chelsea must be careful with January additions

Chelsea have been linked with so many names in January that it is becoming hard to remember them all. They range from world-class European superstars to young stars that few have heard of. Although it is an exciting time for fans, Chelsea must be careful with adding players in January.

The mid-season transfer window allows clubs to fix problems in the squad that have been identified in the first half of the season. Those involved at Chelsea will certainly have identified some problems in recent weeks, with form taking a real turn for the worse.

It is important to remember that January signings can come in and completely turn a team’s season around, or equally, they can completely flop.

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Chelsea must ensure that they bring in the right player to improve the current side, whilst also not rocking the boat too much of the other senior players. If the window is in its latter stages, and Lampard has not made the signings he was hoping for, it is important not to panic-buy players purely for the sake of it.

Players signed in January have no summer period to adapt to the squad and the ethos of a team. They are expected to have an instant impact on the squad and are quickly criticised if they fail to do so.

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This is why Chelsea should be careful who, and how many players they sign in January. Focusing on a small number of top targets could be the best approach. No one wants a repeat of Juan Cuadrado’s time at the club.

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