5 Ways For Chelsea Fans to Play Football Games Online

If you are new to this site and you’re a serious fan of football, and want to play it everywhere, then this post is for you. You may want to enjoy playing football with your mobile device, through the internet. There are many options and some of them are described below. The options presented here, by the way, are not exactly “football games” in the strictest sense of the phrase. Included here are games that may be football-themed or inspired by football.

#1 Flash/HTML5 Games

You can also search for Flash/HTML5 football games online. These are usually free games you can play on your browser. There’s no need to download or install anything. Also, they are games that come close to the football video games many are accustomed to. They involve “real” football games and not just games that are football-themed. You can try this game “Football Tricks World” featured on a site dedicated to HTML5 games. If you like casual games you can play on your computer or mobile device, you can try these Flash/HTML5 games. They may not offer the best graphics and gameplay, but they can still be fun and enjoyable.

#2 Fantasy Football

Another way to play football online is through fantasy football. If you are not familiar with it, here’s a simplified fantasy football playing guide you can use as a reference.

Basically, what happens with fantasy football is that you do a simulation of being the owner or manager of a football team. You will be assembling your own team and you will rely on what your players do in the actual games so you can obtain points.

You have to choose a league that suits your experience and commitment. Also, make sure the league you choose matches your time available or schedule. It is advisable to consider a standard head-to-head league or a standard points league. Next, you need to choose your roster and scoring options. You can then proceed to signing up for various leagues online, via Yahoo or ESPN for example. You can make decisions regarding transfers, tactics, and try to beat other fantasy footballers in various competitions.

#3 Online Casinos

This might surprise you, but casinos do offer football-related games. Do a search with Google for online casinos with football games and you will likely find a good number of them offering football-themed games. You can find football games at CoolCat Casino, for example. These are not necessarily games similar to the video games you know for PCs, Xbox, or PlayStation. In the case of casinos, football games are mostly slot games or games such as football-themed dice or scratch cards.

If you are fond of both football and gambling, you will definitely enjoy football-themed slots. It’s not going to be a high action game but the excitement of winning in slots or reels with the football-based visuals can be worth your time.

#4 Sportsbook: Football

Sportsbook is basically a place or a site where you can place wagers on different kinds of sports competitions or events. It is where you place bets for the outcomes of different sports events or matches. Obviously, you can place bets on football games in sportsbooks.

Placing bets is not limited to who wins or loses between two teams in a match. You can also bet if it’s going to be a draw. It can also be about guessing the specific scores at the end of the game. It depends on the sportsbook you sign up with. It’s practically going to be a guessing game but you can improve your chances of winning with your bets by studying the statistics of the teams playing and the players who will be playing.

It may also help reviewing the ongoing betting odds. These odds reflect what other bettors are thinking. They can serve as a guide as you decide on placing your wager. However, it would still be better if you do your own analysis of the statistics of teams, games, and players. If you are a real football fan, going over game and team records shouldn’t be a chore. Analyzing previous game results and predicting possible game outcomes shouldn’t feel tedious for you as your love for football makes everything gratifying.

#5 Football Games via Gaming Console or PC

There’s also the option to play football video games through PC or gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox. There are many game options you can choose from including the legenday game, Football Manager. Of course, if you are a Chelsea fan, you will want to play as Chelsea. Since the games can be played online, you can play with other football video game players who will also want to use the teams they are rooting for. While waiting for the next Chelsea games, you can play football video games online and experience the fun and excitement of football, even if only through video games.

Note: Some of the football games mentioned above involve gambling. It’s important to emphasize here that you need to impose self-discipline and moderation. Football themed slots and betting on football events at sportsbooks, in particular, can become very addictive. Make sure you don’t become a victim of pathological gambling. These are exciting ways to enjoy games that are related to football but they shouldn’t become an issue for you. Don’t let them take away from being a Chelsea fan. It would be a big letdown if you end up abandoning being an avid Chelsea fan who regularly watches their games and follows team updates because you have become addicted to online casino games or sports betting.

Consider the football or football-themed games described above as you look for something to pass your time while waiting for the next games or events of your favorite football team. If you are obsessed with football but you have reasons why you can’t play the actual football game, it’s not going to be a bad idea trying the options mentioned above.