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Alvaro Morata to Juventus? Don't Bet On It

Chelsea are no longer involved in the Champions League, which makes it pretty difficult for the papers to keep the masses occupied and keep those clicks coming. This lack of news manifests itself in many ways but more often than not, it produces a truly outrageous transfer rumour. One such rumour popped up on our radar today and we’re not quite sure what to make of it.

Ready? Here it is: Alvaro Morata – that is £58 million club record signing Alvaro Morata – wants to return to Italy and – wait for it – Juventus are keen to have him back. Told you it’s a doozy. Let’s dissect it bit by bit. Alvaro Morata started life in London like a freight train, establishing an almost telepathic connection with Cesar Azpilicueta and heading in cross after deep cross into the net. But then, he seemed to lose his mojo and that made him angry. Very angry. So angry in fact, that you could get better odds on him getting a yellow card than scoring a goal. A lot of Chelsea fans thought they’d gotten rid of one angry, goal-scoring Spanish striker and ended up with another angry, goal-shy Spanish striker. It didn’t help Morata’s case that he got injured and suffered a terrible personal loss. All of it combined makes it pretty easy to deduce that Chelsea might be willing to cut their losses after just one year and try to recoup as much money as possible. Sounds plausible, right?

Wrong. First of all, let’s get one thing straight – Chelsea would be monumentally stupid to sell Alvaro Morata. The decision to sell Morata might – nay, will – rank amongst the worst footballing decisions ever taken by the club, and that includes cockups like selling De Bruyne, Salah and Lukaku. The guy is 25 years old, playing as the leading man for the first time in a new league. And he’s done well. For those missed chances, there’s that run and goal against Stoke, the majestic header against Manchester United and several others. Next year he will only get better. Selling him now does not make sense at all, unless he explicitly demands a transfer and chucks his toys out of his pram. Even then, Chelsea hold all the cards simply because he still has aeons left on his contract.

Now let’s take a minute to discuss the identity of his supposed suitors – Juventus. The same club who led us on a merry dance for two consecutive summers when we went in for one of their players. Chelsea might not take too kindly to them approaching our record signing after rebuffing all our approaches for Alex Sandro. Juventus also have a £90 million striker on their books, whom they bought with the funds they received from selling Paul Pogba for a then world record sum. Simply put, Juventus do not spend that kind of money buying players unless they’re making that sort of money selling one. And Chelsea will ask for that sort of money, let me assure you. This is a club that would sell Matic to Manchester United if they wrote the right numbers on a piece of paper and passed it across the table. And we did, too. There’s nothing wrong with that, if you ignore the impact of such a sale on the team. But that’s another discussion.

TL;DR: Chelsea cannot afford to sell Alvaro Morata and Juventus cannot afford buying him. This rumour deserves to be laughed out of the room and I’m sure every sane mind would treat it with the contempt it deserves. In short, nothing to see here, move along, chaps.