Things we learned from Wolves vs Chelsea

Following Chelsea’s 2-1 defeat to Wolves, we look at three things we learned.

  1. Alonso is not good enough

Marcos Alonso has had a truly woeful couple of games. He was not exactly excelling before that either. The nickname is ‘Alonslow’ and it has some truth.

When he makes mistakes in possession he has no pace off the mark to recover. In attack, he cannot get up the pitch quickly enough to create an overlap and space for Hazard. All he offered last night were hopeful crosses from deep. Emerson needs to start and fast.

 (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)


2. Teams are forcing us wide

As seen previously in the things we learned section, teams are now pressing Chelsea in the middle of the field and forcing them to move the ball wide to the free full backs.

Teams do this because they know Chelsea’s full backs are not a threat. They are slow so they will not overlap and get to the byline or take the opposing full back’s attention so Hazard, Pedro and Willian can exploit space.

Alonso and Azpilicueta are also limited on the ball. Again, opponents know that they are not going to take a man on or clip balls into the forwards. They will either lose the ball or play a safe option. Teams know they are safe when these two are in possession.



 (Photo by Marc Atkins/Offside/Getty Images)


3. Jorginho is absolutely crucial

Cesc Fabregas’ performance provided evidence as to why Jorginho is absolutely essential to the system and really needs to probably play every game.

Fabregas still has great quality in his passing but he is unable to play in the position Jorginho occupies. Fabregas still plays his own way, wandering around all over the field looking to play key passes. This lack of positional discipline, combined with his lack of speed, saw Wolves youngster Morgan Gibbs-White turn him and set up the equalizer.

Jorginho does not just play key passes. He dictates the tempo and direction of play. Not only this, he stays in his central position and protects the defence as well as he can. Fabregas may have a place in another position, but not the regista slot.


(photo by John Patrick Fletcher/Action Plus via Getty Images)