Christian Pulisic gives Chelsea fans his advice on how to enjoy 2021 Super Bowl

Christian Pulisic has given the Chelsea fans a few tips on how to watch the Super Bowl LV between Tamba Bay Buccanneers and Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

Well, today’s trip to Sheffield United is going to be what really matters for most Chelsea fans.

The Blues are just four points off fourth-placed Liverpool and they would hope to continue their revival under new manager Thomas Tuchel.

But there obviously is nothing wrong with enjoying the American biggest sporting event after the Chelsea game (it will start at 11.30 pm UK time).

At least one Chelsea player is clearly excited ahead of the Super Bowl.

Pulisic who is a New York Jets fan because of his dad’s family said he is looking forward to the battle between Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs.

“There’s definitely a massive build-up — we have Super Bowl parties where everyone gets together, prepares for the game,” he told Chelsea’s 5th Stand app.

“I could say Kansas City is like Chelsea a little bit, we have young players and very exciting team.

“And then you have Tom Brady on the [Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ side] who has a lot of experience, and [Rob Gronkowski] — a team that you just know it’s not going to be easy to beat.”

Interestingly, the winger will be rooting for the more experienced home side rather than “Chelsea-like” Chiefs.

“I’m going to go with Tampa Bay and Tom Brady,” he added.

“Honestly I like Tampa as a team for a few years and I just think Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T — so I just think he’s going to win again.”

For those who is interested to watch, Pulisic said you might want to “read up on the rules” because it can be quite confusing at times.

He also said the game could be quite long, so be “ready to stay up very late” and “prepare some good food and snacks” such as pizza and tortilla chips and dips.

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