Pundit thinks new Chelsea man is already making decisions he'll regret

‘He’s been here two minutes’: TalkSPORT pundit thinks new Chelsea man is already making decisions he’ll regret

TalkSPORT’s Graeme Souness has claimed that new Chelsea owner Todd Boehly is already making decisions he will regret later down the line.

The American has certainly made his presence known as Blues owner, both in the transfer market and since as he begins his reign at his first football club.

After funding the most expensive transfer window in European football history, he has obviously wanted to ensure that he feels he has the right man in charge to make the most of that spending.

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He obviously came to the conclusion that this was not Thomas Tuchel, taking the shock decision to fire him last week.

This in particular didn’t go down well with Souness, who heavily criticised Boehly’s approach in the early months of his tenure.

Souness thinks Boehly will regret decisions

He said: “I think they got rid of the wrong man. I would’ve kept him. I don’t believe the stories coming out of Chelsea are anywhere near the real picture. I think the PR people have done a number on Tuchel, to paint the new owners in a good light. I don’t feel sorry for Tuchel because at the end of the day you take a job at a big football club the pressures on you from day one. But I think they will rue that.

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“Boehly, he’s been here two minutes and he knows all about soccer. He’s been making football decisions which are not for me. I think he’ll rue the day.”

Boehly has also looked to move the club into a new era similar to the Red Bull clubs and Manchester City, where they have a number of feeder clubs ready to help the progression of Chelsea.

While he has had to make some controversial choices in the early months in charge, fans should still be excited about the club’s future, with it clear that their new owner cares about the future of the club.

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