Chelsea goalkeeper Willy Caballero said N’Golo Kante had coronavirus symptoms during the quarantine period despite testing negative.

Chelsea have reintroduced non-contact, small group training sessions since May 20, in line with the UK government guidelines.

Kante was among those who attended the first day of training but was granted leave to miss small group training sessions at Cobham the following day.

His teammate Caballero has opened up about the reasons behind the midfielder’s stance.

(Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images)

The goalkeeper told TNT Sports: “It’s very understandable. He tested negative for Covid-19 but he had a bad time of it during quarantine with symptoms of the virus that gave him that fear.

“N’Golo is a very humble and hard-working person who is always smiling and he must have his reasons to lift up his hand and say what he’s said.”

Caballero said Kante spoke about his fears with Frank Lampard and the rest of the team during a video meeting and the entire team supported the France international’s decision.

(Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images)

He said: “We did a lot of Zoom meetings with Frank Lampard and the other players and he said he didn’t feel safe going back to training because of the way he had felt over the last few weeks.

“We know he’s someone who loves training and running and is incapable of lying about something like this.

“We support him and we respect him.”

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