Chelsea confirmed earlier today (Friday) the signing of Newcastle United forward Demba Ba for an undisclosed fee. Rumoured to be around £7 million, the Blues wasted no time in providing competition for Fernando Torres.

In this Blog, I outline three reasons why Chelsea were right to capture Demba Ba this transfer window, and not the other names mentioned.

1) Cheap, short-term fix

Though Demba Ba might not be the marquee signing most Chelsea fans wanted, perhaps that is a blessing in disguise. Chelsea have a history of spending wildly on strikers and not getting much return, from Shevchenko to Torres.

Coupled with the fact January is always a horrendous time for signing new players as clubs always inflate their players’ market value, Chelsea have recorded an astute bit of business here.

With rival teams knowing of Chelsea’s desperation to strengthen up front, Chelsea could have spend extortionate amounts on another flop.

The low-key nature surrounding Demba Ba means little expectation from the fans, meaning weight is already off his shoulders, allowing him to fully focus on scoring goals, as opposed to pleasing others.

2) Got goals in him

The 26 year old has a great strike rate. Even though Ba may have been seen a replacement for the departed Sturridge, 13 Premier League goals in just 20 appearances is better than Torres’ 7 in 19 games, giving Ba every right to challenge to be Chelsea’s main man.

Last season, Ba boasted an even better record: 16 goals in 34 games. Fernando Torres, in two fewer games, could only return six measly goals.

3) Drogba-esque

Not only physically does Ba hold the ball up well and have the ability to score phenomenal goals, his personality and upbringing is also startling similar to that of Chelsea legend Dider Drogba.

Originating from humble backgrounds, the Senegalese man worked his way up through lowly French leagues, all the way to Chelsea.

He is also, like Drogba, a late bloomer. The Ivorian signed for Chelsea at the age of 27, whilst Ba is only one year younger.

This is no arrogant celebrity who picks up his pay without trying, nor is he a party-loving animal. With a wife and two kids, this is a man whose quiet determination could see him become one of Chelsea’s next superstars.