In the up and down world of being a Chelsea fan in the transfer window, no two days are the same. One day Conte is staying and signing a new contract, the next he’s unhappy. One day we are signing Bakayoko and Bonucci, the next it’s Jordan Henderson and Martin Skrtel.

Now though, we do actually seem to be getting somewhere. All sources indicate Conte is about to sign his new deal and with that and with July 1st just around the corner, we should start to see some concrete plans in place. Actual players being signed.

It is important to remember that not a lot of business has actually been done yet. City have moved quickly but Arsenal, Tottenham and United all remain fairly quiet. A lot of things are moving in the background but, especially in North London, there’s an awful lot of tumbleweed blowing around.

Reports have been linking us with Riyad Mahrez recently. Whilst the Algerian is proven Premier League quality, he’s also shown himself to be a bit of a flake. A lot of Leicester’s players took flack last season, rightly so, with the difference between Mahrez’s performances in the title winning season and last year stark. He certainly has the quality, is two-footed and is able to beat players and will. But there is a question mark over his desire and work ethic, two things that are massive under Conte. Hazard has and will be afforded a bit of a free role, able to alternate with Diego Costa at the head of Chelsea’s attack so the other offensive player has to work a little bit harder. Can Mahrez do that? Can he fit in at wing back? Not for me. For the money being bandied about, upwards of 40m, it’s not a transfer we should be pursuing.

One name that seems to make a lot of sense although is certainly a bit of a marmite transfer amongst Chelsea fans is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Now, on the face of it, signing an Arsenal reject who never really got a grip of the first team isn’t a step forward for us and isn’t going to curry favour amongst fans. He has constantly underperformed for a team less than ourselves. However. There is no doubt the lad has talent. Raw, God-given ability. He has pace, willingness to work and importantly, the ability to play both centre midfield and wingback, with the ability to push forward if needs be.

Alongside Kante, we could possibly have a world record-setting centre midfield in terms of yards run and under Conte “The Ox” will only improve in terms of work ethic and tactical knowledge, two of the things you wonder how hard Arsene Wenger works on. He would fit in seamlessly at wing back, probably a level up from Moses and able to fit in on the left-hand side as well. Costing anywhere between 20-30m and surely unhappy with his lot at Arsenal, this one would be a great move.

Now, after looking at two feasible transfers, let’s give our minds a treat. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Goalscorer extraordinaire. The cherry on top of the most exciting side in Europe. Of course, until Monaco came along. He’s a proven goalscorer at the top, top level. He is two-footed, blessed with blistering pace, able to score from all angles all types of goals and would fit in lovely with Pedro and Hazard. Now. He would also cost upwards of 65m. No problem. Is he willing to move? It seems so. We should absolutely be going all out to sign this type of player. It would be a major statement of intent and give us the best forward line in the Premier League.