And so the world turns. Another day closer to the start of the season and still no sign of the incoming that we need. Today, I’ll do things a little different, with no signings imminent I’ll take a look at a couple of rumours of players leaving as well as one coming in.

Virgil Van Dijk

Rating – 7

Ive only rated this one so high due to the fact that it excites me. Massively. He’s a very good defender who is only going to get better. Reports this morning suggest that we are ready to gazump Liverpool and seal a 50m deal for Van Dijk. This would be wonderful and a clear sign of intent. It wouldn’t however solve the problem of our lack of wingback cover and central midfield/forward issues. We desperately need reinforcements and whilst VVD would be a fantastic addition in defence, I can’t see Cahill, Luiz or Azpi being replaced. Not because Van Dijk isn’t better, but due to Conte’s faith in the above. And that’s not to mention Rudiger. A nice idea. But not one that has logic behind it.

That’s it, in terms of incoming. It’s quiet. Too quiet. The lads are focussing on the game on Sunday whilst the hierarchy sit on their hands. So let’s have a look at two players rumoured to be leaving.

Eden Hazard

Rating – 1

Ive only rated this a 1 because I’m scared of it happening! Without turning this into an Ode to Eden I’ll say this: I love him. He’s without doubt our best player, he’s our most important player in terms of attacking and the one player we can’t do without, Reports suggest he has offered himself to Barcelona and turned down Real Madrid this week. Fortunately, these reports come without any actual quotes from Hazard himself, so I’m not too worried (I really am) at the moment. If we sell him due to our lust for money then we really don’t want to progress as a team. With Messi and Ronaldo surely about to regress in output Hazard has a real opportunity to grab the bull by the horns and stake a claim to be the best in the world.

I am in no way a little Englander. I don’t think our league is the best in the world just because, but I do feel it’s the most competitive. I’m not saying it is easy in the Spanish league to score goals, but I do feel that we’re Hazard to score 20 league goals in this league, it would be a greater achievement than scoring 30 in Spain. He wouldn’t necessarily be a starter in Spain and the teams certainly wouldn’t be built for his freedom, as was the case last season.

Above all this, despite my wife’s wishes I fought to have one of my daughters middle names be Eden. My wife wasn’t happy and it would make me look silly were he to leave me high and dry! So please stay Eden. Please.

Now that I’ve bared my soul let’s move onto someone who doesn’t quite deserve that same treatment.

Diego Costa

Rating – 10

Who in their right minds, whilst in the midst of winning the title, would kick up a stink and try to engineer a move. And to China? Understandably Conte wasn’t happy but he made amends and won the league. Then at the first opportunity bombed him out. And with good reason. If someone doesn’t want to play for the club, then bomb them out.

Reports suggest that Costa himself wants to stay but Conte isn’t one for forgiving so off he goes. The important thing is we get a decent fee for him, no loans, no cheap deals. The one thing we are good at is getting money for players, so we should at least show it with regards to Costa.

This has to be one one of the most turbulent summers in recent memory. Writing about it consistently has hammered home exactly how turbulent it has been. Hopefully we aren’t too bad on Sunday, may be if we are it will actually convince the board to spend some actual money. This calendar year our net spend is low. Ranging around the 30m Mark I believe. We have money to spend and we need players. Let’s get it done.

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