Well, that didn’t take long, did it?

A wildly successful season ends and already Chelsea fans are arguing amongst themselves on social media as to how this transfer window is already a washout. Partly as Manchester City have been so forward (season tickets) and Manchester United are lurking with intent (Mourinho is a failing money-manager).

It is less than a week since we were in the FA Cup Final, so I would err on the side of caution with regards to transfers and take a look at a few rumours I’ve collated to make yourselves feel better.

Dani Alves

Do I Want It?


Will It Happen?

Probably Not.

We start with a bit of a random one and one that may have made sense 10 years ago. Links in the Mail today suggest Alves would like to link up with Conte and chase one last payday in the Premier League post-Champions League final. These seem tenuous at best. By all accounts, he’s had a great season at Juve and has fitted in brilliantly, tailor made for a wing-back position where there is someone able to cover him and enable him to attack from deep. He’s on a great wage and signing someone over 30 on massive wages doesn’t fit with our recent policy. Not gonna happen.


Alexis Sanchez

Do I Want It?

God yes.

Will It Happen?


Ever since this one was linked back in March I’ve been uber-excited about it. Arsenal have a history in selling players to rival clubs in the league (RVP, Ash Cole) and if Sanchez stays beyond the summer I shall eat the IPad I’m currently typing on. There have been strong links with Bayern, with Arturo Vidal playing the old Gerard Pique role of tapping up Meister, and whilst that transfer would make sense, there is no doubt Sanchez is a player Conte would love. Hard working with no shortage of world-class ability and he would be an improvement on Pedro and Willian. Couple this with the fact we could sell Willian for a fair fee, it would make the men at the top happy. Fingers crossed.


Virgil Van Dijk

Do I Want It?


Will It Happen?

There is certainly a good chance.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. There’s a funny thing that happens in modern football. A player gets injured and suddenly they’re the best player in the world and a modern-day saviour whilst they’re out, see Henderson, Jordan. This is not always the case though, VVD is absolutely a top-class central defender, making the step up from Celtic to Southampton an absolute cakewalk. Quick, good in the air, good positionally and with a great reading of the game, he would be the perfect step up from Gary Cahill. Now, he won’t come cheap. Price tags of anything from £50-70m have been bandied about. Manchester City are certainly interested which means we may have to get into a bit of a gunfight. With Manchester City. Gulp.

This should absolutely not detract us though. A centre-half of proven Premier League quality should be an absolute must over the summer. Forget Koulibaly or Bonucci. This man should be our number one defensive target. It could happen. I’m currently working my way into a sort of pretzel trying to cross every possible part of my body!

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