‘He’s thinking outside the box’: TalkSPORT pundit says Chelsea man is having ideas no one else is thinking of

TalkSPORT’s Danny Murphy has said he appreciates Todd Boehly coming to the English game with new ideas as Chelsea owner.

The American has claimed that English football could benefit from an All-star game, with the profits trickling down to where it is necessary down the pyramid.

The idea has been met with criticism, although it is hard to argue that having fixtures such as the Community Shield are a bigger necessity than what a fundraising extravaganza such as an All-star game would provide.

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It feels like the opinions on Boehly were determined a long time before he made any decisions or opinions are criticised before they’re even made.

Murphy’s refreshing opinion on the American is that having new ideas is good for the game, although he doesn’t believe the North vs South fixture will become a reality.

Murphy praises Boehly

He said: “I like Boehly being honest, sitting down so we can get to know him. I like anyone that’s got new ideas. Not every idea’s a good one, but at least he’s thinking outside the box and with good intent.

“I don’t think it would work. I think it’s a bit pointless. It would be even less valuable pre-season, because players would be protecting themselves.  It’s a glorified friendly.”

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The fixture would undoubtedly provide entertainment for supporters, throwing up scenarios that could only be seen as fantasy up until this point.

It is likely that Chelsea would be well-represented on the Southern side of things, with the good-tempered fixture an opportunity to see players playing football with a smile on their face.

In his short time in charge of the club, Boehly has shown he has a genuine passion for its future, shown also by advancements in looking to follow the Manchester City multi-club model going forwards.

Jack is a football journalist who graduated from the University of Derby. He has freelanced for The Athletic and The Sun. Jack has reported live from Premier League and Championship grounds, whilst also being published in the Non League Paper.