'There's only one person': Cech explains Marina Granovskaia's role in Werner's deal

Chelsea legend and technical and performance advisor Petr Cech has praised club director Marina Granovskaia for her role in transfer negotiations, including the recent Timo Werner’s deal.

As previously reported, Cech and manager Lampard went to Germany in February to visit Timo Werner to convince the forward to join the club.

It worked and Werner himself has explained how the conversation influenced his decision.

Cech, however, pointed out that Granovskaia actually played the most important role.

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Asked whether he played a part in sealing Werner’s transfer, Cech told Soccer AM: “I would love to say so, but at our club, there’s only one person that makes things get over the line or done, which is Marina, obviously.

“My part of the job is to make sure together with the manager that we are happy to identify the player we want.

“Then we want to make sure that the players is happy to join for football reasons.

“Then Marina and the club have to negotiate the other aspects of the deals. Obviously, she is the best person to do so.”

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The former Chelsea goalkeeper also said that Granovskaia is already seen as an ideal figure to represent the club during negotiations, while he takes the footballing side of the responsibility, making sure the manager and the club are happy with the transfer targets.

“Then Marina does the difficult part which is to negotiate with the club and all the conditions,” Cech added.

In their official statement regarding Werner’s transfer, RB Leipzig also supported this as they praised how Chelsea and Granovskaia acted during negotiations.

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